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Workers’ Compensation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Have You Been Injured at Work?

Depending on your career, you may work in a dangerous environment every day. However, even if you don’t operate heavy machinery or face the risk of falling objects, it isn’t uncommon to get injured on the job. Slipping on a wet floor or even falling from a ladder when changing a lightbulb counts as a workplace injury. Basically, if you are injured while at work or doing work-related activities, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Get Medical Attention

First things first: it’s important to take care of yourself. As soon as the injury occurs, report it to your supervisor and get medical attention. Even if your injury doesn’t seem bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office, getting early medical care can make or break your case. If you don’t seek out care and your symptoms worsen, it can be difficult to hold your employer responsible. So, regardless of the severity of the harm, ask to have a doctor give you their opinion.

Get Financial Compensation

Medical bills can quickly add up, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. If you were injured on the job, however, you shouldn’t be responsible for covering those costs. Contact one of our team members today to find out how you can get the financial compensation that is owed to you.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

Winning your case starts by choosing an expert attorney. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our team members. We will discuss your case and help you decide the best way to move forward with your case. Get started now by speaking with someone in our office.

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation
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